The fourth floor of Newman Library has always been full of students studying, working on projects, socializing, and striving for success. This already easy-to-access and popular student space is the perfect location for the temporary home for student support offices. 

In spring 2020, renovations began on the fourth floor of University Libraries’ Newman Library to create office space for the Student Success Center and University Studies and Scholarship Support. That fall, they began providing support services to students while their new offices in the Gilbert Street building, a mixed-use building of approximately 250,000 square feet, is under construction. 

The Gilbert Street building is expected to be open for full occupancy by summer 2023. In the meantime, the University Libraries is pleased to provide this space to benefit Hokies.

“The university is growing and providing more opportunities for students to succeed and build on their academic success,” said Patrick Tomlin, University Libraries assistant dean of learning environments. “It’s great that we can do our part in providing this temporary space while new university facilities are being built. This offers us a chance to collaborate with these student support offices and continue to strengthen student resources we have here in the library.”

One of the student support programs housed in these offices is the HUB scholarship mentoring program, a partnership between University Studies and the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid that helps scholarship students renew their scholarship or grant funding while building supportive relationships. 

Maggie Yang, a second-year industrial systems engineering student and scholarship recipient, said the program made a difference in helping her successfully transition to Virginia Tech as a first-year student. “It made me realize the goals that I want to achieve. I feel like I have a purpose in college and something to aim for,” said Yang.

Page Fetter, assistant director of university studies and scholarship support and coordinator of HUB, said this temporary location in Newman Library has helped the program provide its important services to students.

“Presence is an important factor in student support. By offering access to scholarship mentoring services in the library this year, we can be present amongst the wide range of students from all colleges we serve,” added Fetter. “With a central location that students utilize, we can provide them with resources and support in an approachable way.”