AIDAN HING, a building construction junior, helps Hokies’ digital dreams come true through his job in Newman Library’s 3D Scanning studio. Hing is a University Libraries student scanning assistant and said this has been his favorite job thus far in his college career. “It’s a productive desk job that lets me constantly interact with people and the community, which I love!” 

Hing said his job is unique because 3D scanning is a specialized skill that focuses on bringing people’s real-life objects into the digital world.

“This helps the Virginia Tech community daily as we help professors create digital resources for their students as well as helping Hokies and folks in the community complete their personal projects,” said Hing. “It’s a very rewarding experience knowing I’m helping so many people with their dreams.” 

Upon graduation, Hing, a member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and recipient of a Corps’ Emerging Leader Scholarship, plans to become an officer in the U.S. Army. The contract has been signed and his goal is to work in the Army Corps of Engineers.

“The 3D scanning skills and software I use in the studio are very transferable to many jobs in the future as 3D modeling like CAD becomes evermore present,” said Hing. “This applies both to the construction field I’m studying now and the Army as they modernize their technology.” 

Hing, who has been working in the library for nearly a year, collaborates closely with the studios’ staff. “They are super supportive and I feel like they genuinely care about me as an employee. Max Ofsa makes the job fun and helps with any technical issues. Ellen Boggs really wants everyone to feel welcome and helps with any problems on the job. It’s just an all-around great place to work.”


Animated scanner.

Working in 3D scanning doesn’t come without challenges though.

“It can be difficult learning the technology past a base level,” said Hing. “It takes a lot of practice and different types of scans, in varying sizes, to improve one’s skill. But after this hurdle, you really feel like you’ve gained a unique and valuable skill set.”

Hing wants people to know that the 3D Scanning Studio is a free resource for anyone and everyone. “Start work on those personal projects,” said Hing. “We’re here to help. It’s a super fun and rewarding experience, whether it be through this studio or one of the other five library studios.” 

University Libraries is home to the 3D Scanning Studio, Prototyping Studio, Media Recording Studio, Virtual Environments Studio, Project Design Studio, and Studios Technology Lending Desk.


Aidan Hing.