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Data Viz Studio is a space where students and faculty discover how to present their data in beautiful and meaningful ways. Come for consultations, workshops,  and group or individual tutorials on all things covering data visualization, design, interaction, and communicating information graphically.

During the Spring 2021 semester, Data Viz Studio will operate as a lecture capture space for faculty and instructors as they create content for online learning. This service will be available by appointment only. No walk-ins will be accepted.

If you plan to use Studios Network services during the Spring 2021 semester, please review the policies listed below before coming to the library. 

  • A PC computer loaded with popular data visualization and graphic design software
  • Interactive touch screen display
  • Collaborative workstations with monitors
  • Surround sound capabilities
  • A large wall-mounted monitor
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Tableau
  • Gephi
  • And more!

Data Visualization Guides

Collections of Tools

Freeware and Subscription-based visualization and graphics editing software, apps, and APIs

Websites about Data Visualization

Data Viz in the News

Citation Networks

Color Pickers (Quantitative and Qualitative palettes)

Popular Tutorials

Infographic Templates (free and paid options)

Patrons and users in the Studio are responsible for the following:

  • Upon arrival, inform the student worker that you have a scheduled booking.
  • Arrive within 30 minutes of your booking time or the reservation is forfeited, and the room becomes available for others on a first-come, first-served basis for the remainder of the reservation period.
  • Leave the room in good condition for the next patrons, including resetting the room and placing trash in trash bins.
  • You will be billed for repair or replacement for broken, lost, or stolen equipment. Amount of replacement costs are available upon request. Equipment will be assessed upon completion of booking to determine if these costs are necessary.
  • Report any problems or issues with the space or equipment a Studio staff member immediately.
  • Don’t leave your personal property unattended, including library materials that have been checked out. The Library is not liable for loss/damage to personal property.

Personal Data and Information

  • Studios equipment is preloaded with available applications, and temporary storage space is available during your booking. Long-term storage is not guaranteed. We are not responsible for, nor can we recover, lost data.

General Policies

  • Reservations are limited to 2 hours total per person, per day but could be extended with special permission from management.
  • Equipment owned by the University Libraries should not be removed from the Studio without prior approval from management.
  • Studios are not intended to provide privacy. Library staff may enter the rooms as needed for security, maintenance, or other reasons.
  • Library Management reserves the right to resolve schedule problems by adjusting reservations or schedules.
  • To cancel a reservation, login to

Repeated violations of these policies could result in administrative action, including – but not limited to – deletion of reservations or removal of an individual’s ability to make Studios reservations.

Please note, Studios’ management does not guarantee the availability of all advertised hardware or software due to unforeseen maintenance. Some advanced equipment may require consultation with the Studio manager before it will be made available.

Please read, as failure to follow these terms could mean forfeiture of your access to the University Libraries Studios Network. 

All patrons in the library will be required to wear a face covering of some sort at all times while in the building (those users who cannot wear a cloth mask for health reasons will need to wear a face shield). Removing your face covering can be grounds for forfeiture of services provided to you and you will be asked to leave the building. In order to protect public health, the University Libraries reserves the right to shut down the building in the case that compliance with the mask mandate is not being met by patrons.

Patrons need to vacate the bookable Studios promptly at the end of their booking, even if no one is waiting to use the space. A buffer is built into the system to help avoid close contact between patrons and allow for the student worker to clean the Studio before their booking starts.

Patrons may not move furniture. All furniture is placed in such a way to ensure safety protocols from the state and the University are followed. All seats, tables, and power towers are linked in our booking system and must not be moved.

The bookable spaces (Media Design Studio B, Virtual Environments Studio, and lecture capture services in the Data Viz Studio) are only available by appointment. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Please note that these spaces have limited room capacities as well and groups larger than 1-2 people will not be admitted. 

Patrons must follow all directives from library staff, including orders to leave the building in the situation in which the library needs to close early.

In the event that one or multiple of these terms are broken, any or all of the following actions can be taken:

  • Patron receives a warning from library staff
  • Patron’s booking is forfeited
  • Patron is asked to leave the building
  • Patron’s access to the booking system is revoked
  • A Student Code of Conduct violation is filed with the Office of Student Affairs
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The Studio is temporarily used as a lecture capture space for faculty and instructors. Virtual appointments for data-related questions may be available upon request. Please email us to request an appointment or visit the consultations page.


The Studios Network offers many free workshops on various technologies, including data visualization. See our list of upcoming workshops for information on how to register.


Email or stop by Newman Library, Room 2030

Need Help?

The Studio accepts walk-ins for people who need help with their data projects. You can book the space in advance at We also offer consultations on topics including data management, data preparation, and data visualization. If you need advanced help, please visit our consultations page to request a time to speak with an expert.

Student Jobs

The Studios Network has a rolling hiring process. If you are interested in working in one or more of the studios, send an email to for more information.