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A Haven for the Digital Humanities

The Athenaeum suite (Newman Library Room 124) held its grand opening on January 25 and is now available for future courses, presentations, and other activities in the digital humanities. This suite is located on the first floor of Newman Library and consists of a modular classroom, a collaborative boardroom, and a media den. Equipped with all-new audiovisual technology and adaptable furniture, Athenaeum is optimized for user engagement.

Brought to us in large part by the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Athenaeum has already hosted several classes focusing on integrative arts, data analysis, and digital history. In addition, the space hosts the weekly “Science, Technology, and Society” speaker series in which guests share their research and experiences at the crossroads of STEM fields and the liberal arts.

For more information about Athenaeum activities and bookings, contact the Digital Humanities Coordinator in the Library, Chris Miller, at