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Agricultural and Historical Collections: Ebooks for Everyone Part 4

Researchers now have access to over one million ebooks from the University Libraries. Ebooks are an amazing resource that are available to the entire Virginia Tech community. To celebrate this landmark achievement, here is Part 4 of a new series titled “Ebooks for Everyone.”

Ebook collections come from a variety of publishers and cover many disciplines. From large collections offered by recognizable vendors like Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley, to small collections from university presses and open-access platforms, we have it all.

Agriculture and Biodiversity

Supplementing our strong historical print collections that document agricultural and natural history, these digital collections offer full-text downloads with high-quality images.

  • Core Historical Literature of Agriculture: Founded at Cornell University’s Mann Library in 1994, the CHLA seeks to preserve and make freely accessible landmark titles in the history of agriculture. A wide range of topics is covered, including animal science, crop protection, and human nutrition.
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library: Founded in 2005, BHL is among the largest repositories of biodiversity literature from the 15th-century to present. International libraries have joined founding members such as Missouri Botanical Gardens and the American Museum of Natural History to provide free global access to information on over 150 million species.

Historical and Cultural

The libraries have hundreds of thousands of digitized books from historical collections around the world. Search interfaces often allow fuzzy searches to account for changes in spelling and word usage over time and can analyze the frequency of word and phrase usage.

  • Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture Collection: This database provides full-text books, pamphlets, and other primary sources about the history and culture of Brazil, Portugal, and Spanish America. Topics include politics, literature, economics, indigenous peoples, religion, and geography from 1801-1983.
  • American Fiction, 1774-1920: This collection includes more than 17,800 titles, and encompasses American prose fiction from colonial times to the early twentieth century.
  • Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Collections Online: ECCO delivers significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in Great Britain and the Americas during the 18th century. Its 19th century counterpart, NCCO, indexes the full text of books, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, diaries, photographs, statistics, literature, government reports, treaties, and more in both Western and non-Western languages. Subjects include British politics and society, religion, education, international relations, economics, and English, French, and German literature.

Ebooks can be accessed through Summon, and read via your web browser. For questions regarding ebook accessibility, readability and more, visit our LibGuide.

Written by Maria Atilano, Creative Editor