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LexisNexis Academic subscription ending June 30, 2017

The University Libraries will be canceling the LexisNexis Academic database after June 30, 2017.

This database has not kept up with modern interface or linking technologies, and other resources supply equivalent content that is broader in scope and easier to search and download.

We recommend these databases in place of LexisNexis:

For news articles

Access World News from NewsBank. Access World News provides full-text newspapers, magazines, and broadcast transcripts for American and international publications. It provides more newspapers, especially international sources, than LexisNexis.


For business reports

Mergent Online. Provides company, industry, and country reports for active and inactive, public and some private companies. Reports are provided in PDF and can be exported as Word or Excel files. It includes 15 years of financial statement. Now includes the Mergent Horizons and Investext Snapshot databases.


For legal research

FastCase. Fastcase provides access to primary law (state and federal), cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, and constitutions. You can search by case or keyword. You can view how many times a case has been cited. Reviews of cases are linked to our subscription in HeinOnline.