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Mapping the Fourth of July Reception on June 28, 2017

We would like to invite you to a reception for the most recent exhibit at Newman Library, Mapping the Fourth of July: Exploring Independence Day in the Civil War Era.

The reception will take place on June 28, 2017 at 4 p.m. in the 2nd floor commons of Newman Library, refreshments will be served.

Mapping the Fourth of July is a crowdsourced digital archive that allows anyone to explore the history of the Fourth during America’s greatest conflict.

This exhibit showcases just a few of the treasures available at Mapping the Fourth of July. Thousands of primary sources—letters, diaries, newspaper articles, and more—reveal countless ways of celebrating and countless ways of understanding the holiday. Every document tells a different story, from regional identity to racial conflict to the enduring power of the revolutionary heritage.

Mapping the Fourth is a transdisciplinary collaboration involving historians, computer scientists, education specialists, and librarians—faculty and staff, undergraduate and graduate students—from Virginia Tech and beyond.

The exhibit will remain up through the end of July and you can visit the Mapping the Fourth website any time at