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New Data Transformation Studio Makes its Debut

The University Libraries is excited to announce the recent launch of our new Data Transformation Studio. Located in Room 3010 of Newman Library, the space is equipped with technology and expertise to support students concerned with research replication.

The DT Studio provides a test-bed environment for working through forensic recovery processes, specifically aimed at recovering and rescuing data or research on obsolete media. By offering software to support the conversion of a multitude of file formats, the Studio helps insure access to research data not inhibited by proprietary formats.

The Studio’s main asset is a highly technical piece of equipment called a Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device (FRED) that allows for recovering information from inaccessible and often outdated media. Shane Coleman, Data Curator, states that “by providing access to the FRED, we feel that we can not only teach students more about digital forensics, but also about the evolution of technology.” In addition to providing access to forensic recovery equipment, the Studio offers support for advanced Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), including remote-sensing software ENVI and ERDAS.

By providing support for data recovery and geospatial technologies, the Studio hopes to assist researchers in all disciplines to preserve their research.

The DT Studio is just one of many studios offered by VT University Libraries. According to Coleman, “Newman Library is a neutral place where students not only have access to the geospatial technology they’re in need of, but also get support from experts who regularly use geospatial tools.”

Visit the Data Transformation Studio any Monday to Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Researchers can schedule a consultation with forensic and GIS experts by emailing the Studio at

Written by Maria Atilano, Creative Editor