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Reaching New Heights

This past year has brought about several changes, many of which have taken place this Fall semester. As exam time rapidly approaches and we look toward the holiday season, it’s natural to reflect on what has occurred over the past few months. The Libraries acquired new collections, both physical and digital, opened up three new studios, launched an ePortfolio program, hosted an international science mapping exhibit along with several others, and even launched a new website. The list goes on to include the Athenaeum, Research Data Services, unique partnerships across campus, and more.

The purpose behind these spaces, resources, and tools is to bring about new ideas, solutions, and exciting ventures. Every day students, faculty, and other patrons enter the library with a task in mind. It could be to settle into a quiet place to work, print a 3D object, seek help from a subject specialist, or perhaps find an open educational resource for their class. The University Libraries work with fervor to engage students and faculty with our technology, spaces, and services, ultimately strengthening the Tech community and diversifying the learning experience. So, as 2017 comes to a close, it’s nice to celebrate another year of showing up, giving our all, and making a positive impact on the Virginia Tech community.