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The University Libraries offers Git and Unix sessions this Fall

Software Carpentry now has more volunteers ready to teach at Virginia Tech! In Fall 2016 the University Libraries became Silver-Level Partners in Software Carpentry. Over Spring and Summer 2017, a cohort of five faculty in the University Libraries became certified Software Carpentry instructors. The cohort was co-advised on best practices in teaching computational skills by Dr. Godmar Back and Dr. Eli Tilevich of the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering.

Introduction to the Unix Shell: The Unix Shell is a powerful environment which facilitates many data processing needs. Discover the benefits of working in an environment without a GUI (graphic user interface) and how to create your own tools for data processing.

Introduction to Git: Git is collaborative versioning tool that allows multiple users of documents or code to track changes, revert to older versions, and mitigate conflicts caused by changing the same document or code simultaneously. Learn how to use and reuse code that others have created.

Registration is now OPEN for Fall 2017 Introductory Sessions inspired by Software Carpentry!

All sessions will be held in Newman Library, room 207A.

October 20th

  • The Unix Shell (9am-noon)
  • Git (noon-3pm)

October 31st

  • The Unix Shell (10:00am – 11:30am)

November 9th

  • Git (12:30pm – 3:30pm)

As a non-profit and volunteer organization, Software Carpentry provides a curriculum and support for teaching basic research computing and lab skills to faculty, staff, and students across disciplines. The Software Carpentry (SWC) curriculum covers topics like:

  • Using the Unix Shell (command line)
  • Using Git for version control and collaboration in a research environment
  • Using SQL queries
  • Programming with Python
  • Programming with R

New instructors will gauge interest in these topics at VT by offering introductory sessions on the Unix Shell and Git during Fall 2017, and will  offer more sessions, both pre-scheduled and on-demand, during Spring and Summer 2018. If you would like to express interest in additional Software or Data Carpentry topics, please take our survey.