Data Services

Data Management & Curation

Good data management practices contribute to successful research projects. Curating and publishing datasets can also contribute to advances in science and scholarship.

Our services are designed to support researchers in both of these activities.
We offer data management and curation support for researchers throughout the research lifecycle, from the planning stages through publishing and disseminating research.

Planning for your data management from the outset of your research project can improve the efficiency and soundness of your research.  Planning will also make it easier for others (and you!) to re-use the data and software you generate after your research project is completed.

Data Services provides data management planning assistance for all Virginia Tech researchers and for compliance with all funding organizations.  Because data management planning is integral to research planning we recommend you write a plan for new or existing research projects whether or not your funding organization requires it.

Contact us for assistance with a data management plan (DMP) or with other research data management questions.  We will respond  promptly and are ready to help!

We have expertise in assisting researchers with finding and citing datasets for both research projects and for use in courses.  Contact us, or visit our Finding Datasets page to explore on your own.

For access to geospatial resources, go to Geospatial Data.

The Data Transformation Studio supports the transformation and recovery of data. It also provides support for a variety of geospatial information systems (GIS).

The Informatics Lab has data and informatics consultants on staff to assist you with operational aspects of your research projects (e.g. scripting, use of data analysis techniques, data workflow design, data visualization). 

Our curation services can help you increase the impact of the research you conduct at Virginia Tech! We can enhance the discoverability, interoperability and reusability of your research data. Our curation services include:

  • Publishing your data in VTechData, our research data repository,
  • Enhancing the metadata surrounding your research data, and
  • Converting your research data to open and widely-used formats, where appropriate.

Contact us for research data publication and curation assistance.

We also support and administer VTechData, which is a free, self-deposit research data repository. The platform serves as a destination for data publication and sharing for Virginia Tech researchers. With the goal of increasing researcher impact, VTechData supports the scholarship and research communities at Virginia Tech.

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