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Remote Access

The Data Consulting Lab will remain closed during the Summer of 2021. As a result we will continue offering remote access to our lab workstations to accommodate patrons in need. This is a limited service so scheduling will be on a first come first serve basis. If you need help with a data related issue, or need access to software we offer in the lab, please email us at and we will do our best to help you.

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About the Data Consulting Lab (DCL)

The Data Consulting Lab, formally know as the Data Transformation Lab, supports the analysis, curation, sharing, and archiving of data. Additionally, we provide support for a variety of geospatial information systems (GIS). Our specialized hardware, software, and consultations are open to everyone but especially useful for VT community members working with research data.

Partners consulting in the lab:

Informatics Lab
Check Calendar for availability.

Workstations are available by reservation only. To schedule access on a workstation email with a list of times you would like access.

For a list of software available on the Data Processing workstations please refer to the What we Offer tab.

  • Data Processing Workstation (1)
  • Data Processing Workstation (2)

The University Libraries has developed a lab to support the transformation, curation, and sharing of research data. The Data Consulting Lab’s activities will include:

  • Support for transformation of proprietary file types to more accessible formats,
  • Support for visualization of data using geospatial information systems (including geocoding, georeferencing, symbolization, and lidar processing)
  • Provide processes and best practices for data publishing and archiving.

The Data Consulting Lab includes:

  • Expert assistance and trained student staff!
  • Two computers (PC) loaded with popular data processing software, such as:
    • QGIS
    • ArcGIS Pro
    • ArcMap
    • ENVI
    • ERDAS
    • Autodesk
    • FME
    • MATLAB
    • RStudio
    • Minitab 18
    • SPSS
    • StataMP 15
    • JMP Pro 13


Please contact us if you would like to reserve time on equipment or schedule a consultation.

or stop by Newman Library, Room 3010