Sarah Loomis is doing her part to benefit public health through an undergraduate research project examining how different iron and lead concentrations affect water filtration systems. “I love water, and I want to work in water quality to help create a healthier environment and society,” said Loomis, a sophomore biological systems engineering major and John B. Greiner Engineering Scholarship recipient.

Her passion to serve extends beyond the laboratory to the 3D Design Studio in the University Libraries.

Loomis is a student employee in the 3D Design Studio, where she helps fellow students and community members create and innovate. “It’s rewarding to interact with students from majors across the university and help them print their projects.”

All students, faculty, and community members can freely print projects or learn about 3D design in the studio on Newman Library’s second floor. 

Loomis said 3D printing and design skills will come in handy for future engineering projects, but most importantly, customer service and communication skills she is learning in the 3D Design Studio will directly benefit her future.

“I have learned how to edit patrons’ print designs and maintain the equipment,” said Loomis. “I’ve also conducted studio tours for students, parents, and young children. This helps me enhance communication skills that I’ll use professionally moving forward. I’ll have to describe my research and findings, so knowing how to effectively communicate complex issues with different audiences will be beneficial to my future career.”

Along with learning these important soft skills, Loomis said the job is fun. “My favorite print for myself has been a model dragon from Game of Thrones, and students have come in with designs ranging from a giant bust of Caesar to a case for their calculator. I’ve also seen engineering students use the studio for their senior design projects to test how well the material holds up when printed at different angles and compressed.”

“People are excited to print their items and are grateful for the service the studio provides,” said Loomis. “I enjoy helping them and being a part of their creativity.”

Written by Ann Brown