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Geospatial Data Services

The Geospatial Data Consultant is responsible for maintaining, translating and providing access to geospatial resources stewarded within University Libraries. These resources include physical and digital map collections, teaching techniques for geospatial data conversion and extraction, and map creation. We also partner with several institutions around campus who provide additional support for geospatial data needs (i.e. Enterprise GIS, Office of GIS and Remote Sensing, and the Center for Geospatial Information Technology).

Contact us for help with the discovery and use of geospatial data.

In an effort to support geospatial data discovery we’ve compiled a list of resources on our Geospatial Service Libguide, including the Virginia Tech Geospatial Data Repository. The Virginia Tech Geospatial Data Repository is a library developed catalog that is being used to provide discovery of and access to commonly used geospatial datasets available at Virginia Tech.