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Born digital research and scholarly materials are becoming the norm on college and university campuses and increasingly research libraries are taking on the responsibility for preserving and providing access to this content. With a long history of collecting, organizing, managing, preserving, and providing access to materials of enduring value, libraries are well-positioned to grow into new e-research roles that leverage and build upon our core strengths in cataloging (metadata), reference (research/domain expertise), preservation (digital curation), collection development (repositories), and
access/license negotiations (copyright/information policy) to build digital datasets and scholarship and render them discoverable and reusable.

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Large Language Model

  • Leveraging Large Language Models to Understand the Financial Behavior of Women and Minority Groups

Digital Library

Selected Publications and Presentations

Yuqi Jin, Xinyue Wang, Edward A. Fox, Zhiwu Xie, Arup Neogi, Rajiv S. Mishra, Tianhao Wang. “Numerically Trained Ultrasound AI for Monitoring Tool Degradation”, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2022. DOI: 10.1002/aisy.202100215