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Records Management Services supports university compliance with foundational requirements for records management, including Policy 2000


RMS offers free centralized paper records storage and reference services through the University Records Center, a university-owned facility with 20,000 linear feet of secure, climate-controlled, high-density records storage space. The originating department retains ownership of records stored in the Records Center. Departments are responsible for approving the final destruction of the records (a process which occurs biannually, at the turn of the calendar and fiscal years). Folder-level reference services are available through campus mail.  

Records transfer procedure

  • Records Transfer Request must be completed online.
  • RMS reviews the transfer and issues box labels through campus mail.
  • Transferring departments can deliver approved, labeled boxes in person or arrange for transport to the Records Center through the Moving & Hauling unit of Building Services; your department has the responsibility to deliver the boxes to the University Records Center within 30 days, or your transfer will be cancelled.
  • Records must be packed in standard records center storage boxes appropriately sized for Records Center shelving.
  • You will realize substantial savings by purchasing storage boxes from Records Management Services. Boxes are available from RMS through Hokie Mart at $2.25 per box; they can be picked up at the Records Center. Please specify standard size (10”H x 12”W x 15”D) or half size (10”H x 6”W x 15”D).
  • No hanging files are allowed unless they are laid horizontally in the box.
  • Please place only one year's worth of one records series (one type of record) in each box
  • When you receive your labels from RMS, affix them in the lower right hand corner on the short end of the box.

Transporting documents

  • Folders and documents can be sent to the Records Management Services (0522) by campus mail or hand delivery by departmental personnel during normal operating hours.
  • Since boxes cannot be sent through campus mail, it is the department's responsibility to return or pickup boxes. This can be done by department personnel or by Moving and Hauling (1-4300).
  • Overstuffed, poorly packaged, unacceptable boxes, or badly damaged boxes will not be processed.
  • Please contact the University Records Center directly (1-0224 or for other questions regarding appropriate boxing of documents for storage

Record center reference services

  • Please use the Records Service Request form to request box and folder reference services for records currently stored in the University Records Center.



Virginia Tech Policy 2000 requires university offices to complete a Records Management Services-approved state form RM-3 Certificate of Records Destruction prior to the disposal of any original, offical university record.

Records destruction procedure

  • Consult the official records retention schedules to determine that your records are eligible for destruction
  • Complete the Records Destruction Request form
  • Be sure to indicate YES or NO at the bottom of the form regarding the need for Records Management Services to shred records for you
  • Within 3-5 business days you will receive a reply from RMS with further instructions.
  • If you are sending boxes to the University Records Center for shredding, official labels for the boxes and transport guidelines will be sent to you separately through campus mail.
  • Your department has the responsibility to return the signed destruction certificate and to deliver any applicable boxes to the records center for shredding within 6 months, or your destruction request and/or destruction certificate will be cancelled.

Records Transfer Request - for storage of inactive records in the University Records Center

Records Destruction Request  - for approval of records destruction and arranging for shredding services (as necessary)

Records Service Request - for services related to records your department has stored in the University Records Center

Appointment of Records Coordinator - for identifying departmental liaisons responsible for records management processes

Appointment of Records Requester - for identifying staff with permission to send and request records to and from University Records Center


Off-site Storage & Destruction Requests

  • Library Service Center
  • 540-231-0224
  • 600 Energy Drive, Blacksburg 24061 [0522]
  • Deliveries: M-F 8:30-3:30