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Course Reserves

Finding and Checking out Reserves

  • Find reserves using the Course Reserves search tool.
  • Search for either the instructor’s name or the course abbreviation (e.g., CS 4234 or EDCI 5724).
  • Select up to 3 items to check out at one time.
  • Write down the call number, located in the sixth column of the search results, and bring it to the Newman Services Desk.

Reserves include instructor-requested materials as well as library-owned copies of textbooks for current Virginia Tech classes. Reserves are held at the Newman Services Desk. 

Important COVID-19 Changes

  • All items on Course Reserve must be returned by closing time of the day they are checked out (library hours vary, please see homepage).
  • Upon returning Course Reserve items, they will be placed in quarantine for a period of 3 days (subject to change).
  • Renewals on Course Reserve items will not be allowed during this time.
  • These changes are for Newman Library, please contact other University Libraries for more information on their Course Reserves processes.

Important COVID-19 Changes

  • All physical Course Reserve items at Newman Library only check out for the duration of business hours (will have to be returned by closing of the day they are checked out) and will then be quarantined for a period of 3 days (subject to change).
  • Newman Library will not be accepting new personally-owned copies of materials to place on Course Reserve at this time.
  • We encourage instructors to make use of online textbooks and resources whenever possible. Your library liaison can help investigate online access to the texts you want to assign and suggest alternatives.

Finding Digital Resources and Alternatives

See our COVID-19 Resources Page for help finding resources online.

If a digital alternative to your desired text is unavailable and the reading you wish to assign is brief, you can submit a request for a single chapter of a text to be scanned. One chapter per textbook can be requested as a PDF to distribute via Canvas to your students.

Physical Course Reserves

While we are encouraging digital alternatives, it is still possible to place physical items on Course Reserve at this time. Please be advised that due to COVID-19 precautions such as the quarantining of materials, your students’ access to these materials may be limited. 

Use this form to submit a request to place an item on Course Reserve.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact Leslie O’Brien (, Director of Collections.

Use Persistent Links to Share Electronic Resources

Electronic resources cannot be placed on course reserve. You can, however, add them to a Canvas page using persistent links to their Discovery Search records. Please use the following instructions to find persistent links to items in the library's electronic collection.

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