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3D Scanning Studio

A 3D scanner scans a vase. In the background, a computer screen displays the 3D model that the scanner is building.

The 3D Scanning Studio provides digitization of real world objects with state of the art equipment. In this space, you can bring your projects from the physical world to digital realms. Located on the second floor of Newman Library on Virginia Tech campus, we accept all patrons of the University Libraries. 


  1. Book an appointment with us through this link.
  2. Be prepared to leave your object in our care. If you cannot leave your object with us, please email to determine a more specific scanning appointment.
  3. If you have questions about whether we can scan your object, email us at We recommend only trying to scan objects that are:
    • Not very shiny
    • Are fairly rigid or immobile
    • Are human sized or smaller
  • No explicit, obscene, or gratuitous objects

  • No trademarked or copyrighted materials

  • If you think your object potentially falls into one of these categories but warrants an exception, please book a consultation here. 


Software and Other Equipment

  • Artec Studio 15, an industry acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing
  • Meshroom, a free, open-source 3D Reconstruction Software based on the AliceVision framework
  • AliceVision, a tool for 3D Reconstruction, photomodeling, and camera tracking
  • Turntable for scanning objects

Please read, as failure to follow these terms could mean forfeiture of your access to the University Libraries Studios Network. 

Currently Virginia Tech requires the proper use of masks by all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, when indoors in designated public areas. All patrons of the University Libraries Studios must adhere to this policy. The Studios will continue to follow guidance provided by the University and the state in regards to COVID-19 precautions.

Patrons need to vacate the bookable Studios promptly at the end of their booking, even if no one is waiting to use the space. This is to help avoid close contact between patrons and allow for the student worker to clean the Studio before the next patron comes in.

Patrons may not move furniture. All furniture is placed in such a way to ensure safety protocols from the state and the University are followed. All seats, tables, and power towers must not be moved. 

Patrons must follow all directives from library staff, including orders to leave the building in the situation in which the library needs to close early.

In the event that one or multiple of these terms are broken, any or all of the following actions can be taken:

  • Patron receives a warning from library staff
  • Patron’s booking is forfeited
  • Patron is asked to leave the building
  • Patron’s access to the booking system is revoked
  • A Student Code of Conduct violation is filed with the Office of Student Affairs
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Open Hours

Please use the link above or visit the consultations page to make an appointment.

The Studio will be closed September 6, October 1-3, and November 20-28 in observance of holidays. 


The Studios Network offers many free workshops on various technologies, including 3D modeling and photogrammetry. See our list of upcoming workshops for information on how to register.


Email or stop by Newman Library, Room 2010

Need Help?

We offer consultations on topics like 3D design, printing, scanning, and more. Visit our consultations page to see what topics we cover and request a time to speak with someone.

Student Jobs

Open positions for student employment in the Studios Network are listed on  If you are interested in working in one or more of the studios and have questions,  please reach out to for more information on current opportunities.