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Virginia Tech University Librararies creates, curates and manages digital libraries to preserve and provide access to Libraries' Special Collections, university research data, works of scholarship, and learning objects created by Virginia Tech faculty, students, and staff.  Our digital libraries include:

Virginia Tech University Libraries is also active in conducting research into and the developmentof digital library infrastructure, systems, applications, and services supporting knowledge management and dissemination at Virginia Tech and beyond.  A few of our development projects include:

We digitize archival materials and artifacts for new digital collections, including cultural heritage and natural history collections at the University and from around the region. 

We preserve our digital library and repository content to ensure future accessibility and usability of digital assets using local digital preservation systems and geographically distributed digital preservation networks such as MetaArchive and Academic Preservation Trust, and by performing a biannual crawl and harvest of Virginia Tech’s web presence using Internet Archive’s Archive-It service.


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