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VR Research & Projects

Male student wearing virtual reality headset in the virtual environment studio at Newman Library.

The University Libraries at Virginia Tech engages emerging technology in its research and scholarship. From bringing history to life to helping veterinary students learn anatomy, the University Libraries partners with groups across campus to fully leverage virtual reality (VR) technology in teaching, learning, and research.

Learn more about virtual reality projects the library and partners across campus create to enhance teaching, learning, and research at Virginia Tech. Also, access the guide for building a VR lab.

Virtual Reality Animals

Designed to overcome pedagogical challenges specific to veterinary medical education, the VR animals are designed to provide a no-cost, interactive, and three dimensional alternative to flat anatomy images or cadavers. If you are going to use the virtual reality animals, we would love to hear from you! 

Virtual Reality Dog

The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and University Libraries at Virginia Tech has recently released the Virtual Reality (VR) Dog (Version 1.0).

We provide a video guide on how to install the VR Dog or Cow experiences. 

Check out a video of the VR Dog in action.

GitHub files for download
VR Dog  

Virtual Reality dog, version 1.0

Virtual Reality Cow

The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and University Libraries at Virginia Tech used lessons learned through the creation of the VR Dog project to create a similar program for a cow.

GitHub files for download
VR Cow


Dr. Michael Nappier

A patron explores the Vauquois WWI tunnels.

Bringing History to Life

The Vauquois Experience

Once a picturesque village in northeastern France with views of lush fields extending several miles to the edge of the Argonne Forest, Vauquois was transformed into a devastated World War I battleground — both above and below the Earth’s surface.  

This experience gives users a glimpse into the WWI tunnels below Vauquois and how soldiers fought and lived there. Check out a video about the Vauquois Experience Exhibit created by the University Libraries to showcase this virtual reality project.


Dr. Todd Ogle