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Open Values



We support change in the scholarly communication system to ensure sustainability surrounding academic quality, infrastructure, and cost. We leverage infrastructures, leadership, and collaboration to support change in the scholarly communication system. We believe in the possibilities that new technologies and collaborative opportunities offer for broadly sharing scholarship.


We support equity of access and use of knowledge and technologies to advance inquiry, teaching, learning, creativity, and discovery. Information is to be used, and everyone should have access to knowledge. As a global land-grant public university, we discover knowledge and disseminate it equitably for its current and long-term use and preservation.


We support creators and users of knowledge. We understand the lifecycle of data and information and are embedded in the research process — finding resources, creating resources, and disseminating knowledge for the greatest societal impact. We are committed advocates for transparent practices and wide dissemination of knowledge, and provide support for those who choose to make their data and scholarship open.

We are committed to sharing knowledge for the public good.