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We provide team-based and collaborative research support services that assist groups engaged in interdisciplinary research collaboration and team science find collaborators, share information about research projects with others at the university and beyond. We also support systematic reviews, meta analyses, and other evidence synthesis projects. Relevant library-related tools include CollabVT, the university’s public researcher profile system, and Open Science Framework, a system that helps document and manage research and import projects to the Virginia Tech Data Repository for archiving and curation.  For questions or to set up a consultation, see our areas of specialization below or contact 

Impact services support individuals using different tools and approaches to communicate the impact of a variety of research, scholarly, and creative works in increasingly open environments. Contact us for a consultation or with questions about researcher profiles, citation or altmetrics, and other tools and methods to discover and share the impact of your work. Attend an upcoming workshop, or request a workshop tailored to your group or department.

Health research at Virginia Tech involves faculty, students, and partners from all disciplines. Get a start on key information resources and consultation support with our Health Sciences @ VT library guide, with special topics: One Health. We also offer a Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses library guide and consultations on health-related topics.

The University Libraries offers specialized research data services to support data-intensive research at Virginia Tech.  We specialize in using best practices for working with data across the research lifecycle: from the data management and planning stage, through data collection and analysis, to support for visualization, publication, long-term curation and reuse.  We are working to integrate these new services into the varied research environments at Virginia Tech so that they can be efficiently found and used by researchers.  Need help? Email us a

Interested in publishing your research data? Check out the Virginia Tech Data Repository, the data repository at Virginia Tech or email us at 

In order to support the dissemination of research and research impact, the University Libraries has partnered with the Provost's Office on two related initiatives: the VT-only Elements Faculty Activity Reporting System and the public-facing CollabVT.  You can find out more about Elements on the Provost's website.

CollabVT is both a profile system for faculty researchers and a searchable expertise database openly available to the public.  Carefully curated CollabVT profiles will support Communities of Discovery by enabling faculty to find and connect research across disciplines.  CollabVT profiles will also provide open, accessible, trusted data about research, which will broaden the reach and impact of faculty research at Virginia Tech.  

Currently, CollabVT ONLY contains publications harvested from Elements and publicity unrestricted grants provided by the Office of Research.  

The Library provides various areas of support for faculty and students working in digital humanities. We offer workshops, consultations, and more. For more information visit our research guide or email To see some of the projects supported by the library visit

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  • Contact your subject specialist to learn more about the library's research services that are specific to your discipline.