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Art and science
come together in the newly launched Prototyping Studio on the fourth floor of Newman Library.

Two projects are featured here:

The first is a drone built by engineering students and capable of autonomously delivering small payloads to employees in a factory environment.

 A student smiling as they hold a drone in their hand.
An unpowered drone sitting on the ground with two loose wires hanging to its side.
 A diverse group of students gathered around a table, with laptops and other equipment around them.
A student soldering wires together on an exposed board.

"The purpose of this project has been to create a system of autonomous delivery drones that can carry payloads and deliver them to operators at a manufacturing plant. The prototyping studio has been instrumental in helping us create this project. The people here lent us their expertise very generously. They’ve also had electrical components and expensive equipment that we don’t have personally, they’ve been able to let us use that."
Chris Graveline, mechanical engineering ’22.

A student standing at a table painting a mask.

The second project comes from one of the studio's own student employees, Sarah Fasco, who is using the studio's 3D printers to create original works of art.

Each piece is a mask that manifests different types of fears, such as Trypophobia, a fear or disgust felt when seeing tightly grouped holes.

A student working on a laptop. On the screen is a 3D model of a mask.
A student wearing a textured, painted mask depicting a person’s face which has several tiny holes throughout it.

"For people like me in my major, we specialized a lot in 3D modeling. So if you want to make it physical, it makes it easier to have access to 3D printers to get replicas of what we imagined digitally. It's really cool that it's a free resource that anybody can use and learn how to 3D print stuff."

Sarah Fasco, creative technologies, ’22

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