The University Libraries celebrates the scholarship and outreach of library employees throughout the year.

From conference presentations, published articles and books, and outreach into our communities, the University Libraries makes a difference regionally and across the globe.

Craig Arthur, F Paige, LP Perkins, D Manning, and J Kabongo presented “Do things for the kids: VTDITC - Hip Hop Studies at Virginia Tech” at the Global Conference on Hip Hop Education.

Sara Sweeney-Bear and Scott Fralin published the book chapter “Social Network Theory in emerging library learning spaces and programs” in the The Social Future of Academic Libraries.

Kayla McNabb, Lisa Becksford, and Kelsey Hammer wrote a refereed journal article “‘I think it could be better’: incorporating UX principles into learning experience design” published in Weave: Journal of Library User Experience.

Kirsten Dean presented “Scaffolding your instruction with epistemology” at the Critical Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium.

R Shinn, C Park, Kyrille DeBose, F Hsu, T Cecere and J Rossmeisl published “Feasibility and accuracy of 3D printed patient-specific skull contoured brain biopsy guides” in Veterinary Surgery.

EK Moore, A Kriesbert, S Schroeder, K Gell, Inga Haugen, C Barford, EM Johns, D Arthur, M Sheffield, SM Ritchie, C Jackson, and C Parr published the article “Agricultural data management and sharing: best practices and case study in the Agronomy Journal.

Amr Hillal, I Arai, S El-Tawab presented “DataLoc+: a data augmentation technique for machine learning in room-level indoor localization at the 2021 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference.

William A Ingram and SA Johnson presented “Ensuring scholarly access to government archives and records: a collaboration of Virginia Tech and the National Archives and Records Administration” at the national Innovation Town Hall on Artificial Intelligence. This was a summary of a five-part online workshop series to discuss and plan how artificial intelligence and machine learning could be used to ensure public access to the massive and ever-growing collection of government records in the National Archives and Records Administration digital catalog. The workshop was supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and organized by University Libraries at Virginia Tech, in collaboration with the Virginia Tech Center for Humanities and the National Archives and Records Administration.

Alex Kinnaman presented “Perfecting preservation policy: designing interdepartmental agreement through policy development” at the Michigan Digital Preservation Network Member Summit.

Ellie Kohler, H McKelvey, and H Piwowar presented “Beyond cost per use: incorporating open access, citation, and authorship metrics into collection assessment” at the American Library Association 2020 CORE: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures virtual forum.

Edward Lener wrote a chapter titled “Earth Sciences” in the book Magazines for Libraries, 29th ed.

Amanda MacDonald and M Zaldivar presented  "Beginning to badge: Exploring digital credentialing at Virginia Tech" at the Badge Summit 2020 and later were invited to give the webinar “Libraries & undergraduate research: exploring digital credentialing in co-curricular programming” at the ACRL Digital Badging Interest Group forum. 

Gail McMillan published the paper “Is the IR storage or showcase?” in Ascending into an open future: the proceedings of the ACRL 2021 virtual conference.

Chreston Miller, L Hamilton and J Lahne, published a refereed journal article “Sensory descriptor analysis of whisky lexicons through the use of deep learning” in the journal Foods.

T Becker, Kayla McNabb, Katlyn Griffin, Julia Feerrar, C Robertson, O Awotayo, Lisa Becksford, and M Zaldivar presented “Composition, digital literacies, and instructional design: creating open resources together” at the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy.

B Ferrara, S La Paro, B Ripy, J Kozak, HG Hannan, EA Kocevar-Weidinger, K Hodges, Jonathan Bradley, Kayla McNabb, Alice Rogers, S Alcantara-Antoine, W Yarbrough, D Bomba, and S Hudson published the refereed article “Serving our communities: Virginia libraries respond to COVID-19” in the journal Virginia Libraries.

Trevor Finney and Jonathan Bradley presented “The Virtual Sculpture Garden” at the Open (at the) Source 2021 Exhibition.

Z Duer, Todd Ogle, D Hicks, Scott Fralin, T Tucker, and R  Yu published the refereed article “Making the invisible visible: illuminating the hidden histories of the World War I tunnels of Vauquois through a hybridized virtual reality exhibition” in the journal IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

Rachel Miles, Virginia Pannabecker, and JA Kuypers published a refereed journal article “Faculty perceptions of research assessment at Virginia Tech” in the Journal of Altmetrics.

JL Hardesty, J Johnson, J Wittenberg, Nathan Hall, M Cook, Z Lischer-Katz, Zhiwu Xie and R McDonald published the article “3D data repository features, best practices, and implications for preservation models: findings from a national forum” in the journal College and Research Libraries.

James Tuttle, Yinlin Chen, Tingting Jiang, Lee Hunter, Andrea Waldren, Soumik Ghosh, and William A Ingram published the conference paper “Multi-tenancy cloud access and preservation” in the proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Joi JCDL ‘20: The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. 

Scott Fralin and Wen Nie Ng published the chapter “Creating VR Exhibits Based on Digital Collections” in the book 32 Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Programs for Librarians.

LL Wind, Jonathan Briganti, Anne M Brown, TP Neher, MF Davis, LM Durso, T Spicer, and S Lansing published the article “Finding what is inaccessible: antimicrobial resistance language use among the One Health domains” in the journal Antibiotics.

Nathan Hall, Alex Kinnaman, J Shah, T Ge, and Maureen Saverot published the paper “Entomo-3D: Digitizing Virginia Tech’s insect collection” in the proceedings of the Digitizing Hidden Collections Symposium.

Yinlin Chen, T Jiang, Lee Hunter presented “Building scalable serverless digital repositories using amplify open-source framework” at the 16th annual Open Repositories Conference.

Alan Munshower, J Wilkerson, A Anderson, JG Thomas Jr, H Schultz, and K Burns presented “Listening to our place: Towards a democratic history of Mississippi” at the Oral History Association Annual Meeting.

Jonathan Petters co-chaired the session “From principles to metrics to evaluation, increasing TRUST in data repositories” at the Research Data Alliance 17th Plenary."

Nathaniel Porter and E Jardine presented “Pick your poison: the attribution paradox in cyberwar” at the conference of the International Studies Association.

Peter Potter published “Author attitudes toward Open Access” in Digital Science.

Aaron D. Purcell published the refereed journal article “An Indomitable Activist: Ethel B duPont  and the ranks of labor in Kentucky” in the journal Ohio Valley History.

Jade Snelling presented “The potential of the past: documenting women in architecture” at the International Archive of Women in Architecture Symposium.

Steven Tatum presented “Exhibiting a slide collection: the life and career of Leonard J. Currie, FAIA” at the Visual Resources Association Conference, 2021.

Patrick Tomlin, T Elliott, and D Lockaby participated in the ACRL Professional Values Committee Panel: Data Privacy and Academic Libraries at the Association of Colleges and Research Libraries (ACRL) Seminar.

Anita Walz, JM Russell, K Grey presented a poster “Collaborating to build, adapt, and evaluate Open Educational Resources (OER) at the 2021 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy.