Digital Literacy

Image of Digital Literacy Framework

Learning, creating, and collaborating in the digital world is increasingly complex. Through digital literacy initiatives, University Libraries seeks to empower our community of learners and researchers as they navigate and participate in digital environments. We welcome your collaboration and feedback.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy is a set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that empower learners to engage with digital content, tools, and processes. Digital literacy at Virginia Tech includes data, information, media, and invention literacies, which are comprised of key values built on core competencies. These competencies empower learners to become engaged global citizens in a digital world. 

Expand each competency to reveal the questions it aims to answer.

What are the questions driving your creative, academic, or professional work? What kinds of strategies and tools can you use to explore and access data, information, media, and other content?

What criteria do you use to assess and select digital content and tools? How does this criteria change in different contexts?

Who has access to certain information, data, media, or tools and how does this access shape its use? How can you use digital content and tools most ethically? What kinds of standards guide your work? What guides the ways in which others use your work?

How do you synthesize learning and research in order to create something new? What are your rights and responsibilities when participating in a scholarly, creative, or professional community?

How can you participate in online environments and collaborative projects most effectively? How do you package communication for particular audiences? How do you build networks with collaborators?

How do you organize and save your data, information, media, or other creative outputs? Where and how do you manage and share content for others to use?

Who are you online? How do you create, curate, and assess this online identity in order to tell your story? How do you manage your privacy? When do you choose to disconnect from digital environments?


Online Identity Unpacked

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Where do your online and offline selves collide? When is your digital presence in and outside of your control? The answers to these questions are often complex. During the 2019 Digital Literacy Symposium, participants explored online identities through their many roles as students, educators, scholars, and more.

Dr. Bonnie Stewart's keynote, Bringing the Web Back: The Digital Literacies We Need Right Now, is available in VTechWorks.