Students presenting work to VT faculty

Students sitting at table in front of screen presenting work to Virginia Tech faculty

Established in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (CLAHS), Athenaeum is a suite of spaces and services in Virginia Tech’s Newman Library. Athenaeum is dedicated to cultivating the digital research skills of undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in the liberal arts and human sciences through collaborative, hands-on experience pursuing digital research projects.

The suite includes our modular Classroom (cap. 54), a smaller Collaboration Room (cap. 12), and the Media Den recording studio (ca. 3). Athenaeum staff work with our Advisory Committee, CLAHS faculty, and other campus partners to plan classes, activities, and events that showcase digital humanities work throughout the semester. We aspire to balance these events between hands-on, experiential activities with more traditional, scholarly events, including speaker/seminar series of recognized local, regional, national, and international DH practitioners. Please see calendars for each space below for current schedules. The space is managed by the Digital Humanities Coordinator, Christopher Miller (, who welcomes communication and ideas for future use of the suite.

The Classroom is a modular space that supports class sizes up to 42 as well as a range of events and activities for up to 54 people. The Classroom is set up for courses with a digital lab component, conferences, seminars, workshops, rehearsals, idea incubation, hackathons, researchathons, tech meet-ups, or whatever else you can imagine. The space includes tables and whiteboards on wheels, 7 large screens with speakers, digital projection, 4 wireless microphones, and a stocked laptop cart. 

The Collaboration Room is designed for small-scale, active collaboration for up to 12 participants. The space is an open resource, lightly scheduled, but otherwise freely available to the community for agile digital engagement, dynamic problem-solving, consultation, and teleconferencing. 

The Media Den is a purpose-built, managed, and intentionally isolated media studio designed for dynamic digital capture of all manner of oral histories, personal narratives, spoken facts, and tall tales. The Media Den is supported and scheduled for use by the DH Coordinator, and use of the equipment requires a short orientation training session scheduled multiple times throughout the semester (or adequate documentation of similar A/V equipment training). 


Christopher Miller
  • Christopher Miller
  • Digital Humanities Coordinator
  • 540-231-6737