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At a global scale, higher education, information technologies, scholarly communication, big data, and information and data policies are among the many factors impacting the research and scholarly environments in which Virginia Tech faculty and students develop their ideas and share them with the world. To assist them in these new global environments, University Libraries strives to 1) become more embedded in research and scholarly processes, 2) partner to solve information/data/content-related problems, and 3) bring together librarian consultants with expertise in digital curation and e-research through a new research center, the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS).

The center's primary focus is to offer faculty and students programs, services, training, and consulting in digital curation and e-research. The aim is to help them become more creative, innovative, knowledgeable, collaborative, and competitive in data-intensive and global research environments. The center will balance support to address both the lifecycle of digital research and scholarship, as well as the disciplinary/domain contexts in which creative and research outputs are produced.


Sponsoring Dean and Administrator:
Tyler Walters, Ph.D.
Dean, University Libraries


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