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Funded projects:

  1. Siobhan M. Craige (HNFE), Amanda MacDonald (Library). Developing online training resources to promote undergraduate wet lab researcher success. $5,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-Dec 2023

  2. Abhijit Sarkar (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute), Sarah Over (Library). Study growing influence of AI in solving critical research problem using topic modeling. $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  3. Jacob Lahne (Food Science & Technology), Nathaniel Porter (Library). Revisiting and expanding the “Food Agency” framework: A mixed-methods study to better measure how Virginians accomplish food provisioning and cooking. $9,085. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  4. Monét Roberts (Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics), Yinlin Chen (Library), Tanner Upthegrove (Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology). Behind Density Lines: Machine Learning and Citizen Scientists in Quantifying Scanning Electron Microscopy Images. $5,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-Dec 2023

  5. Allison Andrukonis (Animal Sciences), Kyrille DeBose (Library). “Break!” – The effect of positive human-animal interaction microbreaks on the wellbeing of animal shelter employees. $5,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-Dec 2023

  6. Rachel Cheng (Food Science and Technology), C. Cozette Comer (Library). Scoping Review of Sources, Mechanisms, and Implications of Environmental Reservoirs of Salmonella enterica. $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  7. Michelle S. Rockwell (Family and Community Medicine), Nathaniel D. Porter.  (Library) Assessment of high-risk over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) use and drivers of high-risk use among Virginians with hypertension. $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  8. Corinne Guimont (Library), Jessica Taylor (History), Jason Higgins (VT Publishing). “A New Model for Oral History Collections Publications.” $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  9. Samantha M. Harden (Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise), Michael J. Stamper (Library). A comprehensive communication plan for yoga principles for public health. $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  10. Tom Ewing (Liberal Arts and Human Sciences), Joseph Forte (Library). Bikecentennial: A Podcast Narrating 500+ Years of American History Along 500+ Miles of Bicycle Route 76 in Virginia. $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  11. Patti Fisher (AHRM) and Yinlin Chen (Library). Leveraging Large Language Models to Understand the Financial Behavior of Women and Minority Groups. $10,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-May 2024

  12. Jaeyoung Ha (Landscape Architecture Program), Todd Ogle (Library). Augmented Reality for Enhanced Learning in Landscape Architecture Design. $5,000. Mid-Aug 2023 - Mid-Dec 2023


We have received 19 proposals, out of which 3 were put in a lower priority queue. We then use to generate a sequence for the remaining 16 projects, out of which the first 12 were selected for funding. We reached out to all co-PIs of the selected 12 proposals and they have accepted the funding.