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MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts

Virginia’s research libraries enthusiastically endorse the MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts. As we work together in Virginia to forge a more sustainable, equitable approach to journal deals, the Framework is a powerful statement around which research libraries in the US and abroad can align. It describes core values our institutions share, including strong rights for our faculty authors and a fair price for the services publishers provide.

A shared vision is especially important in a time characterized by profound complexity and rapid change. Pressures favoring change are increasing by the day, and new platforms, tools, and business models are emerging to challenge the status quo. The commercial journal subscription as we know it is on an unsteady and unsustainable path. 

To stay relevant, publisher proposals need to be closely aligned with academic needs and values. The MIT Framework sends a powerful signal about what we expect to see in future contracts. We look forward to working with publishers to ensure they meet those expectations. 


Carrie Cooper, Dean of University Libraries, William and Mary

George Fowler, University Librarian, Old Dominion University

John Ulmschneider, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian,Virginia Commonwealth University

John Unsworth, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian, University of Virginia

Bethany Nowviskie, Dean of Libraries, James Madison University

Tyler Walters, Dean of University Libraries, Virginia Tech

John Zenelis, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian, George Mason University