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Maker Challenge Week 2020

Thank you makers! We will see you next summer!

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Keep on making!

Document your work. Keep track of your creation story.  1. Take pictures and video. 2. Keep notes. 3. Show the whole process, planning and failures.

Challenge 1 : Create something that doesn’t move.

Challenge 1 Ideas.pdf

Challenge 2 : Create something that DOES move, or has moving parts.

If you made something for challenge 1, how could you make that thing move?

Challenge 2 Ideas.pdf

Challenge 3 : Make a game!

If you’ve made something for challenge 1 or challenge 2 try to incorporate those things into your game, or start fresh!

Challenge 3 Ideas.pdf

Challenge 4 : Test out and reflect on the game you made and spend today improving it! OR, if you want to make a new game do that!

Challenge 4 Ideas.pdf

Challenge 5 : Be inspired by what other people made this week! Remake one of the games you've seen here or on our social media feeds in your style or continue making your own game better!

Safety first! Making is more fun when everyone is safe. 1. Keep work area clean. 2. Unplug equipment. 3. Be careful with blades, heat, and electricity. Always check with an adult in your home first!

What is the design process and how can it help you make things better? Check out our handy guide below!

Design process.pdf
Useful household items, there is making material all around you! Photos of paper clip, egg carton, bottle caps, aluminum cans, and cardboard

Now that you've gathered some materials for making (woo!) check out some ways to make stuff with what you've found. 

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Making with cardboard transcript.pdf

For more tips on making be sure to check out our social media feeds!

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Make it work. Then make it pretty. Form follows function.

Asking for feedback on things you have made is a great way to figure out how you can make things better. Check out the guide below for some simple rules that will help make asking for feedback easier!

Asking for feedback.pdf

Who is eligible to participate?

Any person of any age is welcome to participate. You don’t have to be affiliated with Virginia Tech, so come one come all! But, if you’re under 18, you should always ask your adult for permission and assistance. Parents or guardians should approve of and assist with all submissions for those under 18. 

How will this work?

We will release 5 challenges through this web page and on the University Libraries' social media feeds. Take pictures or short videos to document how you make your thing and the finished product then share those with us if you like. We will only share pictures of creations, not people, so keep that in mind when taking photos. 

Participants can complete a submission for each day of the challenge they choose to participate in, so feel free to submit 1, 2, or all 5 days!

How to submit pictures or videos!

Email with the following information:

  1. Your first name
  2. The name of your creation
  3. An explanation of what you made and how you made it, if you want.
  4. Which challenge you were working on when you made what is in the pictures.
  5. Attach pictures or videos of your creation to the email.
    * Remember pictures should be of your creation, not you!
    * We reserve the right to edit photos prior to sharing

When sending pictures or video please only send them in the following formats: pictures: .JPG . JPEG .PNG .GIF, videos: .MP4 .MOV .AVI

By emailing us photos of what you create you will receive an evaluation survey once Maker Challenge Week has concluded.

What happens next?

The week after Maker Challenge Week we will share a video of the best and biggest successes, failures, and most fun moments of maker camp 2020!

Challenge 1 inspiration!

Challenge 2 inspiration!

Challenge 3 inspiration!

Challenge 4 inspiration!

Challenge 5 inspiration!

robot in a flying cardboard box surround by homemade games and toys

Get in touch with us!

If you want to get in touch send us an email at or contact the library on social media!